Optical Engineer. Electrical Engineer. Industrial and Graphic Designer. Systems Engineer. I could be called any one of these.

Having worked for several companies and having recieved several degrees, I command a variety of skills from different, yet interlocked disciplines. I enjoy finding creative ways to solve challenging problems, and my interdiciplinary background serves to give the a broad tool set to do so.
  • I have worked on aerospace applications, optical and photonic systems for terrestrial use as well as outer space.
  • I have worked on the design of robots for deep mining and lunar exploration.
  • I have consulted with several companies to create beautiful graphics and presentations of their ideas.
Engineering does not occur in a vacuum. Our work exists in a world that is as complex and multi-faceted as the equations we use and the devices we create. I believe our work must live, interact, and respect the individuals and environments of this planet. Engineering has always been about problem solving, and today we are faced with some of the most daunting problems we have ever faced as a species.

I believe that the engineer of the 21st century must endeavor to design and create devices and technology which envoke positive change, either for our planet, our people, and the future of both. We must work efficiently and sustainablly. We must find parallels and modes of cooperation and synergy between our disciplines and those of others. And we must continue to explore. I believe we cannot afford to ignore what we do not know. We must think broadly and expand our perception of what is possible. We are the tip of the sword, the driving force of humanity and this planet. We cannot afford to be complacent. We must act.